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Tubloop is a coined word from Tube and Loop as you can image easily. Tubloop looks a sofisticated line of the form. This bag is created for a bottle carrier bag but ideally this can use for a vase  cover for flower decoration.

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Body in Yellow Calf Leather, Handles in Black Calf Leather
Lining: No
Rivet: Gold Colour Brass
More material info: Please see quality of the material

Shape: Columner Form (top line diagonal cut)
Dimensions: Columner Form (the highest - ca. 32 cm, the lowest - ca. 23 cm)
Bottom Shape - Circle - ca. 10 cm diameter
2 fixed length straps – ca. 1 cm wide and ca. 35 cm long
(Connected with the highest top edge to the lowest top edge),
Handle Straps are attached with round shape rivets in brass colour

Please note:
The intensity of colour, and the texture of the leather may vary from the picture images!