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K'ossis is a coined word which was inspired and created from Kozuma's Ko and ossis means bone in Latin, the bottom of the bag shape looks like a bone shape and we named it this bag. K'ossis is our 3rd collaboration bag with Toshihiro Kozuma, Japanese wood curving artist and product designer. 

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Body: Olive Green Soft Calf Leather
Straps and Zip Puller: Dark Brown Calf Leather
Lining: No
Zip: Atigue Gold Colour Brass
Zip Band: Dark Brown Cotton/Nylon
Rivet: Gun Metal Colour Brass
Hand Made Handle: Japanese Cypress Wood (Light Brown)or Camphor Tree (Dark)
More material info: Please see quality of the material

Dimensions: ca. L (top ca.34 cm - bottom ca. 28 cm) X H 29 cm X D (top flat – Bottom: ca.6.5-8 cm)
Bottom Shape: Born shape
Strap length: ca. 17 cm on each side of the handle and attached with Brass Ribets
Handle Length: ca. 19 cm
Inner Pocket: No
Zip Length: ca. 30 cm
Weight: 300 g

Please Note:
The intensity of colour, and the texture of the leather may vary the pictures.
The wooden handle is hand made and each one is slightly vary.
The wooden handle may change the trype of trees (Japanese Cypress Wood(light brown colour) or Camphor Tree (brown colour) by buying condition in Japan. Also please let us know in advance if you would like to specify the type of tree(Japanese Cypress Wood or Camphor Tree) before purchasing the product. Otherwise we will proceed standard purchasing processes with what is in the stock.